Okay, I caved.  Many of you non-chiropractors out there wanted to be let in on some of the jokes.  So for you, and probably some chiropractors out there, I am providing this addendum:  The Vert Joke Decoder.  I will attempt to explain the intended joke behind each cartoon, as well as what was going through my head at the time.  Remember, Vert is a spine, and I am attempting to see the world from his eyes.

There are few different ways you can access these joke explanations:

Look for the questionmarkicon next to the cartoons.  You’ll find them while browsing through the Vert Library, or perusing its “Card Catalog.” Clicking on the icon will take you directly to the appropriate explanation page.  Then, after you’ve finished laughing hysterically, click on your browser’s back button, or the cartoon itself, to get yourself back to where you were.

Or, for your convience, the jokes are indexed here.  Click on the joke of your choice for its explanation.


[panel 1] Vert as a teen.

[panel 2] (Playspine)

[panel 3] …And you though an APPLLE a day kept the doctor away!

[panel 4] Spine Potato

[panel 5] Taking films of the kids.

[panel 6] Spinal Fracture

[panel 7] SI Extension

[panel 8] Spinal Hygiene

[panel 9] Vert admires the models.

[panel 10] Baby Pictures!

[panel 11] Vert compliments his wife.

[panel 12] Puberty

[panel 13] 976-BONE

[panel 14] Spinal Distraction

[panel 15] Spinal Biomechanics

[panel 16] Spinal Pickup Lines

[panel 17] “Bone Out of Place”

[panel 18] “HemiVert”

[panel 19] “Blocked Vert”

[panel 20] Spinal “Bedroom Talk”

[panel 21] Vert dozes off while watching the Rose Parade.

[panel 22] Oil of o’ Plates

[panel 23] One Day in the Museum.

[panel 24] Dog Bone

[panel 25] Some words of “Encouragement” from Verta.

[panel 26] Ultrasound

[panel 27] Vert attempts to stay current with the literature.

[panel 28] “Humans in the closet”

[panel 29] “Activator Cowboy”

[panel 30] Vert incognito

[panel 31] High Power Vert

[panel 32] Beyond X-ray markings.

[panel 33] Cloud Gazing

[panel 34] A febrile Vert

[panel 35] Meet the family!

[panel 36] Table Manners

[panel 37] Leonardo daVert

[panel 38] Disc Jockey Vert

[panel 39] Vert riding a bicycle.

[panel 40] Mae West, D.A.C.B.R.

[panel 41] Spinal Bondage

[panel 42] Chiropractic Masturbation

[panel 43] See Ya!

[Vert 2009] Funny Bone

[Vert 2009] Spinal Shopping Network