Final Thoughts

So there you have it.  All the information that you could possibly want to know about a spine named Vert.  What does the future hold for Vert?  Who knows?!  Maybe he’ll find his way into a chiropractic publication with large readership (eg. Dynamic Chiropractic or The Chiropractic Journal).  Maybe he’ll make cameo appearances at LACC homecomings [provided that we have them].  He might even find a spot in The LACC Alumni News.  Whatever happens, right now the only thing on my mind is walking across that stage on graduation day.  Of course Vert will be there too — on my cap.

To LACC:  Thank you for allowing me the forum to express myself;  thank you for providing me with the material to do it with; and most importantly, thank you for your support.  I will never forget it.  As a parting thought, need I remind you… Remember your table manners — “No cavitating at the dinner table!”