From the moment he could clutch a pencil, cartooning has been a part of Thomas Lamar’s life.  His popular spinal character, Vert, was birthed in 1991, shortly after sitting for Los Angeles College of Chiropractic’s admission interview.  Vert soon became a regular installment in the college’s newspaper with his own cartoon and eventually was granted the status of school mascot.

In 1995 Vert “graduated” with a D.C. and was granted a Certificate of Membership with the Alumni Association.  He then joined Lamar in private practice at Anchor Chiropractic in Kingston, Washington.  While Vert does not actually “adjust” patients, he does play a part in Dr. Lamar’s ongoing efforts to educate his patients.

Dr. Lamar resides just down the road from his office with his wife, Keri, and six children — Paige, Logan, Claire, Molly, Clayton, and Ruby.  When he’s not cartooning or adjusting patients, he’s usually playing with his kids or finding excuses to work with his tractor around their mini-farm.