Joke Decoder (panel 20)

vert-20Spinal Bedroom Talk

This one generated a lot of talk on campus.  This is what two consenting spines in the heat of passion would cry out:  “ooo….a little S to I, oh ya.  That’s it! … P to A  …P to A  … P to Aaaa!!”

Explanation:  When chiropractors describe to each other about how to perform a particular adjustment they say things like, “Take tissue slack from S to I [superior to inferior (ie. in the direction of the feet)], and then thrust with a quick impulse P to A [posterior to anterior (ie.  back to front)].”  So maybe now the picture is clearer (or maybe not if you’ve read this).  Notice the “pop” and “crack,” indicating the equivalent of a spinal climax.  Also note Verta’s bow on the ground — the only clothing that she has to take off.