Vert Scrapbook

vert-casual-right-arm-up-sketchTABLE OF CONTENTS

As I was developing this website I unearthed boxes of “Vert stuff” that die hard fans (or the mildly curious) might find fascinating:  everything from rough sketches of cartoons that eventually got published to some ideas that never saw the “black pen”; you’ll find various photos and sketches related to Vert as the school mascot, as well as images related to the original Vert book; there’s a whole pile of “miscellaneous” Vert drawings that really have no category and a slew of Vert drawings that I made especially for our class Year Book;  and last, but not least, I’ll show you ways that Vert has played a part in my private practice.




Vert Book

Year Book


Vert in Private Practice

private vault