Some Memorable Audience Reactions

My second cartoon had just been published [“Playspine,” panel 2].  It sat right next to an untitled cartoon drawn by “Mitch” — making it look as though both cartoons were mine.  This particular cartoon of Mitch’s was about a cow, with a caption that read “Hey George, call that cowapractor…Bessie’s bone dry again!”  While Vert was checking out the latest centerfold of Playspine, exclaiming, “Whoa! Check out the SP’s on that one!”  I was approached by one of the female instructors on campus who excitedly relayed to me that she was unaware that I was cartooning for The Hotline, and that she really thought the joke about the cow was funny.

Panel 20, “Spinal ‘Bedroom Talk,'” stirred up a lot of interest, due to its sexual nature.  I wasn’t sure how the campus would react.  One of the instructors jokingly asked me if the clinic system was still going to take me.  Of course, there is always an enthusiast for detail:  one of my classmates was quick to point out that the screams of ecstasy were anatomically impossible due to the position of Vert’s feet.