In April of 1994, the college got the idea that it needed a mascot.  This could be a way to bring us together for some good old-fashioned school spirit!  A contest was set up for students, faculty, and alumni to brainstorm a suitable mascot for our prestigious chiropractic college.  Vert made sense.  After all, he was a spine.  and we were a chiropractic college.  And so, through the contest, Vert was voted by the ASB as the LACC school mascot.  Visions of T-shirts, coffee mugs, key chains, and figurines raced through my head, all of which never came about and were only mentioned in a joking matter.  But what about a Vert suit for all those pep rallies we have?  Nope.  Nada.  Nothing.  Was our new school mascot going to be sucked into the Rare Book Room that only Bart Green dare venture — only to be dug up later as some FYI trivia?

I later found out that if I wanted our mascot to make himself known, I would have to, in the spirit of the The Advantage Program, be “self-directed.”  I began by helping the ASB with their message boards in the O-building.  Later Vert appeared on the Student Clinic.  And just recently[1995], Vert was painted in our school gym [special thanks to Mike Stewart, Michelle Martin, and Luis Vargas for all of their help and support in making him 6 feet tall].  At least this would be trivia that we could pick out on a multiple-choice quiz.


Mike Stewart and myself painting Vert and school logo on gym wall (1995).

More Mascot Stuff in the Vert Scrapbook