Evolution of Vert

Vert’s appearance changed from term to term.  In the beginning, I was very anatomically concerned in refining Vert from my original sketch.  He had to have all of his SP’s and TP’s in the right place, and everything had to be in proportion.  What I ended up with was a very “busy” and confused looking drawing.  My father said the simplest cartoon characters were the most effective, and as time passed Vert’s appearance “relaxed” considerably.  The “evolution” also took place because I drew Vert in spurts.  I usually didn’t have the time during the rigorous course loads to draw Vert on a continual basis.  As a consequence, most ideas became a scribble on a piece of paper to be drawn at the end of the term during my break.  The “responsibility” was much easier if I drew as many Verts as possible over these breaks; this way I could enter the next term with a completed set.  So occasionally, Vert wasn’t drawn for 15 week periods, and thus, he would change a bit each time.

Evolution of Vert


[author’s note:  SP’s and TP’s are acronyms for vertebra anatomy.  SP = spinous process and TP = transverse process].