Scrapbook: Miscellaneous

One of the first Vert’s.


This 1993 cartoon never “ran” in the school paper, but was used in the Vert Book (see Evolution of Vert) for comparison purposes to show how Vert had changed with time. The “Evolved” 1995 cartoon of the same name also never ran in the paper. It is shown on the next page.  Also, a companion cartoon also for this 1993 AP Vert exists as a sketch (Lateral Vert) and is located in the Sketches portion of the Scrapbook.

[Since there is no official decoder for this one: “AP Full Spine” is a radiology term. It refers to a full spine x-ray taken front to back (ie. the x-rays penetrate in the front and out the back). The “L” on Vert’s left is an X-ray marker to “mark” the left side for reference (known as a Mitchel Marker).