My Dad the Cartoonist

My Dad (Tom Lamar) the Cartoonist — 2004

My Dad (Tom Lamar) the Cartoonist — 2004 (photo by Ellen Butler)

I grew up watching Dad cartoon.  [And yes, he happens to share the same name as me].  Whether it was drawing birthday cards for everyone in the family, creating banners for our team sports, , drawing on our school lunch bags, cartooning for our community newsletter, painting Christmas windows on shops around town, designing logos for customers, or cartooning just for the sake of cartooning — I watched him do it, and consequently, I wanted to do it.  And I often did, right alongside him in his amazing art studio tucked away in the rafters of our garage.

In the History and Printing chapters of Vert’s Story, I talk about my dad and how he cartooned for the Daily Trojan while attending college at USC (1962-1966).  [Click here for a fun look back at Dad in action in a photo essay created by his good friend in college, Gary Ferington; Click here to see Dad’s Daily Trojan Collection].  As I was nearing my graduation, he and I took a trip to his alma mater and found ourselves in the main library blowing dust off of rolls of microfilm from the 60’s.  Below are a few of his cartoons we were able to find:


Dad also contributed as an Editorial Cartoonist

Dad also contributed as an Editorial Cartoonist. (Daily Trojan 1965)

His last cartoon before he graduatied.

His last cartoon before he graduated. (Daily Trojan 1966)

As a side note, Dad’s last cartoon for the Daily Trojan (above) shares a striking resemblance to my last cartoon for The Hotline.  [Click here for a side-by-side].

For my graduation, Dad drew up this caricature of myself and Vert for the LACC yearbook.

grad-sendoff-dadThanks Dad for your inspiration!