Scrapbook: Sketches

Taking Scotty for a Walk

Here’s a cartoon idea that never had a chance to make it to the top of the pile:  Vert taking his dog, Scotty, for a walk.   The joke is based off of a spinal condition known as spondylolisthesis [see panel 25 — “Some words of ‘Encouragement’ from Verta” for another cartoon that uses this theme].  One of the main ways that this condition is diagnosed is with an x-ray — specifically a lumbar oblique x-ray.  It is with this “diagonal” view that radiologists have coined the anatomical “Scotty Dog.”  So, in other words, if you look at a lumbar spine oblique film you can see that the vertebrae are sort of in the shape of something that might resemble Scottish Terriers.  When a Scotty Dog has a “collar” it signifies a “break” in the pars interarticularis — giving rise to the spondylolistheis diagnosis.  The sign on the lawn reads “Please Pick Up All Sequestrations.”  Sequestrations are bits of disc material that will sometimes break off  from the main part of the disc in advanced cased of disc herniations.  So in our cartoon, sequestrations = dog poop.  And if Vert’s not careful, he’s about to step in one.