Joke Decoder (panel 7)

vert-7SI Extension

“SI Extension.”  This is what we chiropractors call a “spinal listing” — meaning that Vert’s sacroiliac joint was stuck in extension.  [I actually realized later on, that I should have referenced the sacrum to be more correct — oh well].  I had a couple of explanations for this one.   The clean, and public, explanation was that after working so hard all term, Vert’s back was “stuck.”  The real explanation was that I was telling the students to “bend over and grab their ankles, because Finals were here!”  In other words, we didn’t have a smooth road ahead of us, so we might as well grin and bear it.  Eight Finals in three days… Not fun.  Ironically, I suffered my lowest GPA that term.  Maybe it was a self-fulfilling prophecy.