Joke Decoder (panel 5)

vert-5Taking films of the kids.

We all remember picture time with Mom and Dad, and how we had to “wait for the flash” to warm up.  [This was back in the 70’s].  In this cartoon Vert is busy taking films (x-rays) of his kids — because that’s what spines do.  His kids are impatiently standing by the x-ray bucky (place where the x-ray film sits) as their father tells them they “gotta wait for the anode.”

Explanation:  In an x-ray machine, x-rays are produced by accelerating electrons from a cathode to a rotating anode.  In order for the machine to make x-rays, the anode must be rotating at the proper RPM (kind of like waiting for a flash to warm up).  You’ll notice that the x-ray machine says “Busto-matic” on the side:  a tribute to my X-ray Physics teacher, Dr. Bustin, who taught me all this stuff.