Scrapbook: Vert in Private Practice

Seed Packs

seed pack yellow

In the spring of 2003, I did a seed pack promotion.  Each patient were given a packet of seeds as a “Thank You for Helping our Practice Grow!” campaign.  They were encouraged to “spread seeds generously and get adjusted often.”  Vert, of course, took front and center on our in-house, custom-made, California Poppy Seed packet.  Then in assembly line-like fashion, each pattern was meticulously cut out, folded appropriately, glued, and then filled with a small scoop of poppy seeds.  The great thing about poppies, besides being colorful, is that they are self-seeding and tend to come back year after year — just as we hope for our patients and their referrals. 😉

This particular piece was drawn on my computer using a mouse (a first for me)— hence its roughness.  It was printed in an array of colors.  The whole collection can be viewed by clicking here.