Mr. Gary Larson

I really enjoyed the work of Gary Larson’sFar Side™” in my undergraduate years as a biology major at UC Riverside.  Many of his cartoons dealt with biology and entomology.  Larson’s cartoons had a certain appeal to them:  they were funny to the “average Joe,” but they were even funnier to the educated in that field.  During an entomology course, I collected his insect-related cartoons.  His jokes were a reward for all the knowledge that I had so diligently, and sometimes painstakingly, learned.  Unfortunately, Larson’s panels lacked in the human anatomy/health professional field.  This was one of my inspirations for creating a comic that could take on this roll.  Vert seemed to be the appropriate character for this challenge.

My cartoons share as similar quality to Larson’s:  He takes everyday situations/occurrences and asks himself, “What it would be like from a _______’s perspective?”  For me, I am trying to see the world from the point of view of a “bone” — a spine — something that we as chiropractors have build a profession around.  Why not hear what it has to say?