Each Vert cartoon is drawn 8″x10″ and not the 4″x5″ size image that runs in The Hotline.  For starters, it is much too difficult to draw that small with any appreciable detail.  Also, reducing the image tends to “tighten” the cartoon’s lines and hide minor blemishes — all at the cost of sacrificing a little detail.

Speaking of detail, one of the panels that lost a lot of it was Vert’s Family Tree [panel 35].  This was a “Special Vert” due to its size.  In its original format, it measured 2 x 3 feet!  Reduction to a 4″x5″ image would have freaked the copy machine out, not mention my presbyopic readers.  So the friendly and supportive editor at The Hotline, Nick Warner, was convinced to run this particular Vert on a full page.  This way, all 19 of Vert’s relatives could be somewhat appreciated — and maybe a few of the many jokes that were interwoven throughout the piece would surface for some readers.  As for the reproduction of the cartoon in this book…  a magnifying glass would be helpful.  I must give credit to Dave Brady, Justin Ako, and Lars Trucano for their brainstorming efforts in the creating of this, not so functional, family unit.